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Some velvet morning

Martha Stewart has deployed a drone over her property in Westchester County. She handcrafted it from recycled popsicle sticks.

Al-Sisi is the most interesting man in the world. The ideologue Morsi was totally overmatched by the general’s strategy.

Wyoming is one of the least civilized states in the USA. Utah has a self-evident problem.

It is not art if it lacks aesthetic intent and execution.

What is called outsider art today has to be taken with a pillar of salt. So-called outsider artists now have gallery representation and their works sell (in the USA) for $10,000 and up. It is now insider art.

Sarah Silverman is the best comedian alive.

Nothing but the sky

The Governor of Oklahoma and her death chamber apparatchiks are the modern face of barbarism; political and technological (chemicals, tasers).

The level of bloodlust among a segment of US citizens can’t be underestimated. These citizens don’t understand that executions are bound by procedural rules, not vigilante ethics.

Life is cheap in Qatar.

Facts are a distraction from Benghazi.