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Burned by the sun

Wake me when Shadow President McCain has volunteered to fly sorties over Moscow.

No matter what one sees on Portlandia: Buy and consume whatever you desire.

What’s wrong with journalism today? Take the following example. The New York Times‘ Ginia Bellafante wrote an article on Mayor de Blasio’s ten day vacation to Italy. She writes:

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been unable to avoid criticism about his plans to travel to Italy with his family for nearly 10 days so early in his tenure …

Unfortunately, the article cites only one critic of the mayor’s trip, Rudy Giuliani, whose political conflict of interest remains unstated. But the phrase “Many people quickly took issue with the vacation” appears as a stand in for evidence of (missing) masses of outraged citizens. (Another variant of this rhetorical tactic is the interrogator’s question prefaced by “Some say …”, which should always be translated as “I say …”). Bellafante’s article is organized around a pseudo-controversy driven by the journalist’s own professional imaginary. The pseudo-controversy is one of journalism’s go-to tricks. I wonder if it is taught at journalism schools.


Playing the role of sore loser, the New York Times continues to agitate against mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s policy emphases. Universal pre-K is a sign of far leftism; upholding constitutional rights and values will suddenly unleash an historic crime wave; an emphasis on affordable housing will send real estate developers scurrying to Delaware; and a modest tax increase will topple financial titans who currently sit on a mountainous hoard of record profits. So we are told.

This is the paranoid style-lite.