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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tells women not to ask for a raise to achieve pay equity. Microsoft is a dinosaur.

Despite the Nobel Peace Prize awards, there’s little hope for optimism in India and Pakistan for women and girls.

Apparently, it takes three days to make a cronut. Culinary genius can’t be rushed.

After Rush, Nickelback is the most important Canadian band (by far).

Regarding U2: It’s not easy being the most important band in the world, thirty years running.


I believe every animated film character should be voiced by James Earl Jones.

There should be a red card in boating.

Money doesn’t always buy elections. Just ask Sheldon Adelson about Mitt Romney. Or Karl Rove.

Arya Stark turns out to have a bit of Lannister in her.

Auch Mäuse mögen Cronuts. Das stimmt.

Off to the races

Lana Del Rey is the new Nico.

Lana, Skrillex, Suzanne Vega, and De La Soul would make sitting in mud worthwhile.

The Pavilion Theater in Park Slope treats its bed bugs better than its paying customers.

Trained killers, testosterone fueled tempers, and easy access to firearms are a deadly mix.

The cronut crisis is a distraction from Benghazi.