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Là où je suis née

Japan has had Russian self-esteem in an arm bar since 1905.

Twitter is primarily a platform for the professional outragetariat. Unless, the execs can figure out a way to monetize daily outrage (ala Fox News), the enterprise is doomed from a financial standpoint.

Stephen Harper has become the face of the “ugly Canadian,” surpassing even Justin Bieber.

Big hair, big talk, and big guns. The Panthers were quintessentially American.


WWI: a terrible war on behalf of dynasties.

From Joni Mitchell and Margaret Trudeau to Ted Cruz and Justin Bieber: a definite downward spiral for Canada.

“Louie Louie” is the first drunken karaoke.

John Boehner won’t give up unfiltered Camels and Boone’s Farm wine for the Presidency.

Al-Sisi still owns Morsi. Recent violent events only strengthen the general’s hand.

Google-shaming in San Francisco.