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Wild fire

Pseu Braun is the Angry Bob of freeform radio.

Tolkien wrote YA literature. Game of Thrones is for adults.

Wargs are epileptics with telepathic capabilities.

Ironic: Oklahoma, a very red Republican state, turns to science for more efficient ways to kill while, at the same time, it denies evolution.

Capitalism has always been in a state of crisis. Crisis is its modus operandi. The real crisis is a political one: a permanent crisis of crisis management (Claus Offe).

André Gorz bid the working class adieu. . . in 1980.

Songs are like tattoos

Frodo and Samwise ended in disappointment.

Arwen was not the first older woman to prefer younger men.

Tolkien is either poor at writing women or the Trilogy is primarily a homosocial tale. I’m inclined towards the latter assessment.

The Western media has fallen for Putin’s self-delusion: the Olympics is not all about Putin.

Patriotism is anachronistic.

America has no culture, traditional or otherwise. What it does have is commerce.

Stuart Hall’s theorization of the politics of identity and popular culture was path-breaking in its time. He never succumbed to the trendy politics of theory which led cultural studies into a morass of self-defeating, moralizing recriminations.