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D Day

1,093 columns about the Clintons (a world record) and the only thing Maureen Dowd will be remembered for is her account of her experimentation with pot.

You’re more likely to find a well worn, dog-eared copy of Infinite Jest in the hands or messenger bag of the stereotypical Brooklyn hipster than Knausgård’s work.

Pound for pound, Marta is the best footballer on the planet.

The good news is that Thai coups are usually incompetent and, therefore, don’t last long.

The politicians who whine about the Bergdahl case should think twice before sending US soldiers in harm’s way. Soldiers can be captured as prisoners of war and the politicians who send them into battle have an ethical obligation to return them safely. All the rest is just demagoguery in an election year.

Berghazi is a distraction from Bengdahl.