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Backing track

Pundits have jumped all over the Scalise story. But really, what’s the difference between a “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” meeting, Stormfront, and any recent Republican Party National Convention?

With the demise of his/her noble culture, the hobo is no longer a worthy subject of art. Rembrandt, whose self portraits depict the artist as an A’dam street “entrepreneur,” is unlikely to inspire the likes of “Banksy,” Koons, Close, or Schnabel to do the same today.

Economic and political historians of Russia will name the events of 2014 as Putin’s Folly. When Mr Putin goes into exile, what becomes of Mr Snowden and his housemate Viktor Yanukovych?

According to Forbes magazine, it’s JLaw’s world now. We just live in it.

All the old dudes

When glam hit 40 it turned glum.

It’s doubtful people waited for bad weather before hitting upon the idea of god(s). I wonder why these scholars didn’t bothered to familiarize themselves with Freud’s Totem and Taboo or even Durkheim’s The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. One finds animistic thought among well-fed and housed children.

Oliver Stone has cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in a new biopic. It’s unfortunate that Gérard Depardieu is too massive to portray Mr Putin convincingly. However, Viktor Yanukovych, Steven Seagal and Franklin Graham can play themselves.

It’s no surprise that corporations are upset with the new executive branch recommendations to the FCC concerning “net neutrality.” Such “legal persons” never willingly submit to democratic oversight. However, the chutzpah of cable companies offering a range of crappy (and expensive) services is astonishing.

Summer breeze

As far as independence movements go, the Scottish independence movement is incompetent.

The POTUS just unleashed the hounds of war.

Despite the treachery around Nigella Lawson, the job of servant has been rehabilitated through costume dramas like Downton Abbey.

Cue “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction for Ms Kirchner.

Coincidence that Mr Snowden was granted an extended stay just after Russian hackers took down billions of passwords.

Jane says

So many truthers, so little time.

As a child, I feared nettles more than vampyres.

David Axelrod will advise the British Labour Party during 2015 campaign, the finest association of the UK and US since Lend-Lease.

One entrepreneurial spymaster calls out another one.

The Cambridge University ambience is what all Universities should aspire to: ivied walls and gown bedecked scholars. The cultivation of the mystique of erudition.

Easter is a distraction from Benghazi.

Will anything happen?

Edward Snowden, Franklin Graham, Ron Paul, and Steven Seagal are standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr Putin, a clear victory for Russia.

Take pity on bar staff. Dealing with alcoholics every night can’t be fun or rewarding.

The ark in the new Noah biopic looks large enough to house a few dinosaurs.

Since WWII, the only good things in life have come from California, particularly the California lifestyle.

The California earthquakes are a distraction from Benghazi.

Out of the blue

Mr Assange is back in the news again. He still resides in the posh Ecuadorian Embassy (in upscale Knightsbridge), dines on gourmet empanadas, and has free wifi.

He lives better than the 99%.

It looks like Mr Snowden will share his posh dacha with a new roommate: Viktor Yanukovych.

Someone should tell Richard Branson that space travel isn’t a thrill ride.