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Baby ouh

Competitive bearding is an unfortunate thing.

Everyone likes a quality mariachi band.

The Republican candidates make Bedlam look like a conference of logicians.

The Republican Party allowed itself to be run by the conservative media, which, by serving as the propaganda ministry for the likes of Ben Carson, is now destroying the Republican Party.

Why don’t real Christians criticize the cartoon Christianity Mr Carson is peddling.

That’s all folks!

The House Republicans are unable to elected a new Speaker of the House. The Republican Party has allowed itself to be overrun by cartoon Christians and cartoon conservatives, whose images have been exquisitely drawn by Fox News’s Looney Tunes version of journalism. Members of the Tea Party Republican House have been playing the Wile E. Coyote role to the POTUS’s Road Runner since 2010: the anvil is always falling on them.

The women depicted in the film Suffragette will be remembered and honoured long after the cookie-cutter objections of the professional outragetariat, who inhabit twitter and Tumblr, have evaporated in the digital ether.

Westboro Baptist Church rejects are protesting a Renoir exhibit.

When did Arizona become Texas-lite?