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Happier than sunshine


Trump is fortunate. The Cohen hearings distracted attention from his failure in Hanoi.

Failing is winning in Trumpworld. In reality, Trump was humiliated and snuck back into the White House under the cover of darkness.

Trump is still confused about the American legal system. Perhaps that’s why his name appears so often in court filings.

When Trump goes to prison, he’ll see many of his supporters.

Do they scan for CTE at the NFL combine?

How much Russian oligarch money is laundered through CPAC?

Politico is trying to create one of its false narratives. (Which one you ask? All of them).

#1880sIn5Words Support your local opium den

Snow Day❄️❄️ 🙏🙏

Super. Bowl.

It’s the biggest day in North American culture.

However, it was the worst Super Bowl in world history.

From the start it was clear one team couldn’t drive the length of the field. Then it was clear the other team couldn’t hold onto the ball. Then a mountain of penalties.

A preseason game.

At least there was Schadenfreude.


There also was halftime.

I miss the left shark.

There’s less contempt for Coldplay in the US than across the pond.

Political moments used to last fifteen minutes. Now they last fifteen seconds. Whatever the immediate value of Beyoncé’s performance, it will vanish when the next moment arises. Probably on twitter.


The Libertines have re-formed. They’ll fill the void left by One Direction.

BRICS failing. US rising. Who saw that coming.

Re China: Party Capitalism has turned out as poorly as Party Communism.

Rousey v Mayweather would be the first billion dollar fight.

The arrest rate of multi-millionaires is higher in the NFL than in the general population.

If we could just join hands

This is the beginning of the end of American football. Kudos to Chris Borland. When youth leagues and high schools can no longer afford insurance, American football will be extinct.

Ranchers in eastern Oregon are very upset about the presence of 77 wolves who have killed two of their cattle. Why don’t the wolves eat the ranchers. Problem solved.

Yanis Varoufakis has proved to be a Socialist de robe.

Dystopian narratives are the expression of a fundamentally conservative mindset.

Occasionally, the Pope is infallible, such as his opposition to capital punishment.

All that you dream

Male professional sports have always been supported by the bedrock of misogyny.

President Reagan loved dictators, counting Pinochet and Saddam Hussein as close friends. As a birthday gift for “Ronnie,” Nancy Reagan and her personal astrologer even hatched a plan to revive Generalissimo Franco during what can only be described as an occult ceremony.

100 years after the beginning of WWI, particularism is resurgent across Europe.

Dick Cheney is the Breitbart of conservative television.


Theodor Haecker was rightfully alarmed by the fact that the semicolon is dying out; this told him that no one can write a period [sentence containing several balanced clauses] anymore. Part of this incapacity is the fear of page-long paragraphs, a fear created by the marketplace – by the consumer who does not want to tax himself and to whom first editors and then writers accommodated for the sake of their incomes, until finally they invented ideologies for their own accommodation like lucidity, objectivity, and concise precision.

Theodor W. Adorno, “Punctuation Marks,” The Antioch Review, 48, 3 (1990): 303.

Tranquility base

Clinic terrorists represent the most violent arm of the new right-wing political bloc in America. Behind the smiling face of the Sarah Palin’s Tea Party are survivalist militias, paramilitary Christian fanatics, and the criminals (e.g., the Bundy Ranch) who are inevitably drawn to such operations.

The phrase “wandering hobo” is so elegiac.

There’s greater tolerance of unethical & illegal behavior by athletes among NFL fans/sportswriters than in other sports. $$ + spectacle.

Men should dress for weddings as The Rake, The Popinjay, or The Dandy.

White Russians are heavy (and I don’t mean Vika Azarenka).

Dead things

Jack Burkman, head of the Washington, D.C. lobbying firm J.M. Burkman & Assoc. who is seeking to ban gays from the NFL, says he intends to build a national coalition to boycott any football franchise that picks openly gay football player Michael Sam in the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

In a release issued Thursday, Burkman said he would “leverage his political clout” to ensure that the franchise that selects the 6-foot-2, 260-pound defensive end from Missouri would get “roughed up financially.”

“We shall exercise our First Amendment rights and shall not stop until the drafting NFL franchise cannot sell a single ticket, jersey or autographed football,” said Burkman. “In short, we shall be relentless.”

Mr Burkman and his band of Christian extremists don’t understand that the NFL is bigger than God.

Governor Fallin’s rush to kill might have ended up killing the death penalty in the USA for good. Well played.

The only thing missing from this victory lap in Crimea was Putin and Snowden riding in on elephants.