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José Mourinho moves on the touchline with the passion of a Bedlam inmate.

The ManU unfaithful booed Fellaini. They’ve booed Wayne Rooney, the talisman.

When Pogba missed the early sitter, I anticipated Schadenfreude at the end. Instead, Spurs traditional swoon has already begun.

When Spurs struggle, they lash out physically.

Jürgen Klopp deserved better (against West Ham). But the outcome favours the Arsenal.

The laughable MLS Cup was not a strong advertisement for the struggling league.

Most anything you want

Je suis Amanda: Mr Sollecito was a sideshow. The main target of prosecutorial obsession was Ms Knox. It’s pretty obvious the Italian legal system leaves a great deal to be desired (see its bunga bungling vis-a-vis Mr Berlusconi). It was humiliated by the Italian-fluent Ms Knox; the police investigation was subject to global laughter. Hence, the vendetta against Knox.

The explosion and fire in the East Village was terrifyingly close to the the buildings on St Marks Place that are the cover art of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.

Cheap landlords + unlicensed contractors + 100+ year old buildings, a deadly mix.

I’ve read that Tumblr is upset about Branagh’s new film Cinderella.

Neo-stoics like Justus Lipsius and Michel de Montaigne are preferable to Seneca.

If we could just join hands

This is the beginning of the end of American football. Kudos to Chris Borland. When youth leagues and high schools can no longer afford insurance, American football will be extinct.

Ranchers in eastern Oregon are very upset about the presence of 77 wolves who have killed two of their cattle. Why don’t the wolves eat the ranchers. Problem solved.

Yanis Varoufakis has proved to be a Socialist de robe.

Dystopian narratives are the expression of a fundamentally conservative mindset.

Occasionally, the Pope is infallible, such as his opposition to capital punishment.

Year end clearance

When did “Protect and Serve” become “Protect and Serve Ourselves”?

What’s the fun of a bloodless coup?

It’s not a parade until there’s gun-play.

Men are crazy. Men with guns are murderous.

The Rapture won’t be televised.

According to the “let them eat cake” principle of moral gustation, poor people should eat poorly. After all, it is their lot in life and beggars can’t be choosers.

Nothing happens for a reason.

In the darkest hole

Critical theory advice column: start from the assumption that no one likes you, so that when someone does, the satisfaction is even greater.

There’s nothing worse than a friendship born of neuroses.

Such is the testament of hate. Of other-loathing. Don’t look for happiness, commitment, attachment, intersubjectivity, relationality, communication oriented to achieving a rational consensus, the ideal speech situation. Expect hostile engagement.

It’s too late/ to fall in love with Sharon Tate. — Iggy Pop

Sitting next to a preoccupied man dressed in black, her physicality pressed against his left leg. Wondering at the recognition of physical contact with a stranger, even a beautiful one, left him puzzled how to bridge the gap to the emotional. Thrilled, yet awash in tears inside. They parted together. Same stop. Walked the same stairs emerging from the urine stains of the underground’s bunker.

Met someone famous. Someone creative. In another life. But there is none — no other life. What is this life? More behind than ahead. Living on depleted memory. Half-life. Forgot his age, advancing it. To what end?


In the 90s, I had the distinct displeasure of having to pass through Bitterfeld (in the former East Germany) in travels between Berlin and Merseburg. It was a post-industrial nightmare, I couldn’t imagine living in the vicinity.

Elizabeth I would have sunk this armada of Volga Boatmen.

Nothing can halt the forward advance of exchange value, especially at 50% off.

Mickey Rourke, age 62, scored a tremendous boxing victory over his 75 year old opponent.