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The long, expensive national nightmare of the House Republican witch hunt is over, producing a finding that a risible in its obviousness.

Mr Trump urging on supporters who have no clue about Brexit and can’t locate the UK on a map.

As a philosopher once said: today was a good day.

A Washington Post poll shows that only 8% of Berniebros will back Mr Trump, down from 20% in May.

Now that Ms Warren, the real star of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, has endorsed Ms Clinton and is campaigning with her, Mr Sanders has lost most of his leverage. The best he can hope for is a speech in primetime on the Tuesday of the convention.

Only twitter can cause twitter outrage.

Devil eyes

Justice Scalia was a formidable roadblock to progress, a modern day Taney.

In various rulings and majority opinions, Justice Scalia ratified the second class citizenship of African Americans (re voting rights) and women (re reproductive health rights), and consigned thousands of Americans to a violent death by handgun. His dissenting opinions represent a sort of cahiers de doléances for American emocons, the victims of modernity.

One almost wishes the Presidency on Trump. The Tea Party pitchforks would expect him to live up to his promises. He would have about six months to “Make America Great Again” before their guns would come out.

Poor educational standards (exacerbated by an epidemic of homeschooling), the substitution of internet blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News for traditional sites of authenticated information, and the reality televisualisation of reality itself have led to the rise of the politics of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio: clownish, buffoonish, and outrageous performances meant to draw eyeballs and deaden brain activity.

Evangelical Christians have been the bane of American politics since they became a political force in the 1970s as the so-called Moral Majority. The theocratic polity they envision for America would make Torquemada blush. However, sometimes they are surprising: they have broken with Republican anti-science fanatics over climate change and appear to support “immigration reform” rather than wall-building and mass deportation.

Super. Bowl.

It’s the biggest day in North American culture.

However, it was the worst Super Bowl in world history.

From the start it was clear one team couldn’t drive the length of the field. Then it was clear the other team couldn’t hold onto the ball. Then a mountain of penalties.

A preseason game.

At least there was Schadenfreude.


There also was halftime.

I miss the left shark.

There’s less contempt for Coldplay in the US than across the pond.

Political moments used to last fifteen minutes. Now they last fifteen seconds. Whatever the immediate value of Beyoncé’s performance, it will vanish when the next moment arises. Probably on twitter.

Don’t lose your mind

Mr Carson is the James Frey of the Republican presidential campaign. The fact that he’s a fabricator makes him the ideal Republican candidate.

Is this the Mein Trumpf moment of the Republican campaign?

The POTUS has put an end to the Republicans’ Keystone pipe dream.

Twitter is teetering because we’ve reached peak outrage.

The problem is Twitter is lousy with journalists.

Star power

It’s not real outrage until Twitter is outraged.

Based on new archaeological research, it has been discovered that Pussy Galore of the 007 film was a lesbian.

What about Xenia Onatopp? Was she really Onabottom?

Plenty O’Toole would be an apt name for Bond’s male lover (if he were to ever have one).

Why do people mask themselves with the image of a violent Catholic Monarchist? Guy Fawkes is a curious idol for anarchists.

Mr Tarantino is correct to never back down to bullies wearing badges or carrying microphones.

21st Century Fox has gutted National Geographic. It will become another tabloid for Old Rupe to hand over to the redhead.

Là où je suis née

Japan has had Russian self-esteem in an arm bar since 1905.

Twitter is primarily a platform for the professional outragetariat. Unless, the execs can figure out a way to monetize daily outrage (ala Fox News), the enterprise is doomed from a financial standpoint.

Stephen Harper has become the face of the “ugly Canadian,” surpassing even Justin Bieber.

Big hair, big talk, and big guns. The Panthers were quintessentially American.

Alte liebe

Some feudal institutions live on in a significantly diminished form (e.g., the English fox hunt). Others are more robust than they were in the twelfth century (e.g., the University).

If Jürgen Habermas is correct, the public sphere has been a cesspool since the middle of the nineteenth century. There’s nothing new about the level of debasement found in the twitterverse. All that has changed is the method and speed of delivery of the textual rubbish.

Mr Geldof has overtaken Bono as the most disdained rocker in the world.

It’s important to dress well for the revolution. The “Young Spartacist League” (or “Young Sparts”) used to turn up at rallies in the most modish attire (at least on the West Coast). It was enough to make me think twice about abandoning the Orthodox Marxist worker’s bib for Critical Theory’s classic couture. In contrast, today’s Black Bloc are the Ninja Turtles of radical dressing.