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Sure on this shining night

The case for lifting the ban on imported haggis would advance if hipsters make it part of their lifestyle.

There’s no peak ramen. Gourmet ramen is here to stay.

Kim Dotcom is pirating a new product.

Women are more likely to believe in God and the afterlife than men (at least in the UK). It’s too bad women don’t exercise more power within religion.

The same Republicans who deny the existence of climate change believe dinosaurs were on the ark.

Hollywood ending

Serbians should pick better heroes than Gavrilo Princip.

Republicans have stopped bleating about Benghazi.

Only a fool would touch Arjen Robben in the box.

Are post-colonial societies more susceptible to conspiracy thinking than the former colonizer societies?

The UK’s effort to overturn the USA’s ban on imported haggis is just the first step towards retaking the former colony.

I admire Andrea Petkovic, although her positive comments on David Foster Wallace are unfortunate.

I was an only child and I turned out superbly.