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Good years

Mr Binks is the Nigel Farage of the Star Wars franchise.

Mr Putin is the Heracleum mantegazzianum of international politics.

Shake Shack has the best burgers this side of Five Guys.

Non-ironic consumption is evidence of cultural decline.

There are only two things worth queuing for in the rain: the launch of a new iPhone and an Oasis reunion tour concert.

These boots are made for walking

I prefer “Little Ice Age” to “Polar Vortex.”

The high fashion runway as the satanic mill. Who knew.

Not all fashion has to make one look like one has just walked out of a Rikers Island lockup.

It might not be a football specific problem, but people who are possessed of strong feelings of racial antipathy are attracted to sport and politics.

Blur has a new album. The good news is Oasis must respond with a new album.

Make me smile

Gourmet potato salad is the next big thing.

The world is a better place because of Oasis, there’s no denying it.

Blackberry became the power tool for power tools. The glow of it all wore off quickly.

Regarding Clooney & Alamuddin: It should be illegal for people to be that beautiful.

It is disappointing that the second most important wedding of the century wasn’t televised.

Aisle of plenty

I certainly hope the internet is a CIA project. God forbid if the internet were run by Google or Facebook.

For a time, Oasis was the best band on the planet.

I hope this doesn’t drive up the cost of Cornish hens.

I prefer the use of the word boil (e.g., a “boil of resentment on the body politic”), which has the connotation of plague, contagion, and fleas.

If you turn over a states’ rights libertarian, a clone of John C. Calhoun will crawl out.

The Duchess of Cambridge brightened the southern hemisphere. Now winter is coming.

Don’t think it’s appropriate for a newspaper to describe the future British monarch as “wriggling and squealing.”