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Mr Carson is grainy on the facts.

Privacy never existed.

Leicester City was a hipster’s choice club until it moved into the top four.

David Moyes and José Mourinho are about equal in their ability to produce Schadenfreude Saturdays.

Amexgate (Marco Rubio) looks like criminal activity. I suppose no Florida prosecutor has an interest in pressing charges.

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt

Kim Davis is the Pope of religious bigotry.

Pope Francis looks a bit like Peter Gabriel.

Texas + football brings out the paleolithic in people.


Anti-gentrification protestors are as well meaning and as misguided as their colleagues in the Occupy movement. Attacking a cereal shop in the East End of London is as impotent a gesture as the refusal to formulate specific demands for political authorities.

Hipsters keep our culture fresh. Embrace them and then real progress might commence.

Escape wavefold

I miss the rave culture of the 90s.

Like it or not, hipsters have reinvigorated contemporary culture without any heavy dose of cultural vanguardism. They saved the vinyl lp and the fixed gear bike, quietly and without making a fuss about it.

There have been three great companies in modern history: the East India Company, the Ford Motor Company, and Apple.

The release of an Apple product is like Christmas day.

Heavy horse

Georg Lukács, “Realism in the Balance” [1938], in Theodor Adorno et al., Aesthetics and Politics, 41:

One inescapable consequence of an attitude alien or hostile to reality makes itself increasingly evident in the art of the ‘avant-garde’: a growing paucity of content, extended to a point where absence of content or hostility towards it is upheld on principle.

This is a good thing: content is myth.

The Sound of Music is likely the best piece of Popera (in the English language) ever, followed closely by My Fair Lady.

Criticism of hipsters, whether they live in Brooklyn, Neukölln, or East London, is hackneyed.

The trouble with patriotic Russian propaganda is not that it’s propaganda but rather that it is so boringly predictable. The same cliched code words are shuffled around: CIA, fascists, oligarchs, NATO imperialism, etc. The same reports of Mr Putin’s popularity (sometimes 70%, sometimes 80%) indicate levels of support not seen since Stalin. It’s bargain bin junk, not even worth debunking.

My plea to TASS: be bold. Be original. Throw away the old CCCP counter-intelligence handbook. Surprise us!

Sure on this shining night

The case for lifting the ban on imported haggis would advance if hipsters make it part of their lifestyle.

There’s no peak ramen. Gourmet ramen is here to stay.

Kim Dotcom is pirating a new product.

Women are more likely to believe in God and the afterlife than men (at least in the UK). It’s too bad women don’t exercise more power within religion.

The same Republicans who deny the existence of climate change believe dinosaurs were on the ark.

I stay away

There are “no-go zones” for rational people in Louisiana the Republican Party.

In the wake of the SOTU address, the Republican Party will move further to the right, which is just what the POTUS wants. Those who are paranoid and driven by blind emotion are easily manipulated.

TLC is nothing without the pyromanic Left Eye.

This is good news for hipsters in the unlikely event they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

This is England: Magna Carta, Agincourt, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, Churchill, Page 3.