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O magnum mysterium

Muppies. Millennial Urban Professionals. The extremely online ones (i.e., writers for Jacobin/Splinternews type outfits) are buying brownstones in Bushwick from their trust funds.

Trump’s biggest feuds of 2019 were with reality and with his crippling paresis.

AOC risks damaging her brand the longer she associates with Bern’s losing campaign. For example, she’ll be held accountable for the misogyny and homophobia exuded by Bern’s online acolytes.

John Kasich say Democrats should avoid hard left candidates. The thing is, Bern and Warren aren’t hard left. They use the rhetoric of class struggle, but they are basically Right deviationists. Bourgeois socialists. Millionaires.

Bern’s online support is more left wing and, frankly, unhinged. But they’ll have no influence on policy.

Interestingly, support for the Vermont revolutionary is low among black voters and voters earning <50k

Bern appeals to the aristocracy of labor and those occupying intermediate class positions. Neither of these groups are particularly revolutionary. Lumpenproles remain with Trump.

Class struggle will continue as it has since 1848: predator capitalists on one side and xenophobic, economistic proles on the other side.

It is no surprise that Michael Moore prefers Trump over Biden. So does Walker Bragman.

Without a theory of needs, woke culture analysis remains superficial (i.e., idealist, bourgeois). It can nag from the sidelines, shame on Twitter, but will have no effect in reality.

White supremacists are as ubiquitous in the military today as heroin was during the Vietnam War era.

Fruitcake has a longer half-life than uranium.


The Gowanus Canal is like having a little piece of New Jersey in Brooklyn.

Wikileaks has a copy of the Mueller Report. For sale.

Billionaire DeVos cuts $18 million from Special Olympics.

Who will portray the miserable Markle father in the impending sitcom?

BernieBros don’t know what to make of Pete Buttigieg or how to destroy him. They obviously can’t play the misogyny card.

Mambo miam miam

Coney Island’s former glory was always seedy and proleish. The effort to transform it into Disneyland is ludicrous.

Mesut Özil is the Footballer of the Year.

A book of Mr Putin’s speeches will be published. Unfortunately, they will never be as influential as Mr Stalin’s book on linguistics.

Meanwhile, in merry old England: Mssrs Corbyn, McDonnell, and Milne should be aware that history’s great purgers have often found themselves purged in the end, Robespierre, Yagoda, and Yezhov among them.

Ring tailed roarer


A Ring Tailed Roarer (pictured above and below, standing second from the right) harangued an entire subway car on the 2 line for twenty minutes today. From his mouth streamed words about Jesus and Lucifer, Heaven and Hell, Sodom and Gomorrah; his guttural delivery was full of menace towards the current Pope, homosexuals, and Jews. The Roarer intoned “Jesus is coming, hunh/Repent now sinners, hunh” in a hypnotic sing-song manner. All in all it was a fine piece of bigoted religious performance art.


What causes a person like the Roarer to find himself in such a state of emotional disorientation that he is compelled to shout down complete strangers at 9:15am on a workday? What inner need caused the Roarer to ignore Mark 12:31: “‘Love your neighbor as yourself’”?


Perhaps it is explained by the fact that the Roarer needs the sinner as much has he needs Jesus. Without the sinner, the Roarer has nothing, is nothing. The Roarer hates the sinner passionately, but just as passionately he requires a sinner to exist as the object of his hatred. The Roarer and the sinner are bound together, like Sauron and his Ring of Power. The sinner is the lifeblood of the Roarer’s faith, the raison for his ressentiment.


It was not difficult to detect the utter joy the Roarer felt in delivering his good news of eternal damnation. His pleasure in denouncing the sinner, in predicting her destruction, and her imminent departure to hell, was palpable; his infantile orality manifested his displaced sexual aim.


The way of the world

Re “American Sniper”: We’ve reached peak war film. It’s a tired genre. Time to retire it.

A film critic has conscientiously pointed out that a fictional narrative of the life of Stephen Hawking is not a carbon copy of reality: “It would be a big mistake to take The Theory of Everything as a user’s guide to living with motor neurone disease.” Really? I note this not simply because it is my current pet peeve, but only because this sort of nonsense is ubiquitous, universal. I’m only surprised I didn’t notice this tendency earlier in life.

Jodi Ernst is the Marine Le Pen of the Republican Party.

The most noticeable tall buildings in NYC now are the middle-fingers sprouting up in Brooklyn and Queens, which tower over everything around them. But at least downtown Brooklyn was spared the embarrassment of a Frank Gehry toadstool patch when the original Atlantic Yards project crumbled.

Hopefully, Mr Dehlin won’t face banishment to the planet Kolob for uttering twenty-first century views on women and same-sex marriage.