Category: epigrams

Summertime sadness

Repression of the natural urge to conjugate is unhealthy.

Upscale junk food is the price of civilization.

A ship in a bottle, never carried by the waves of iniquity.

The ship is the ontic, the bottle the ontological.

My enlightenment turned into myth.

The punning of reason.


I’d like to believe it is possible to oppose military intervention in Syria and for that opposition to be grounded in arguments that are based in reality. One either believes the evidence and agrees with the mission or one doesn’t. The rest is emotional detritus. We can spend decades litigating US foreign policy. I happen to think the use of chemical weapons has to be addressed.

The quality of the debate would be elevated if US journalists would take the matter seriously rather than merely calculating the odds of domestic political gain and loss. At this point, they’ve shown themselves to be a rather sad lot. It’s as if sports journalism has taken over the front page.

Is Žižek’s jouissance our own?

Something like this happened in The Wire.

The Apple model will be design forward. This looks like a clunky Swatch knock off.

Whenever I see a Glenn Greenwald piece, I think of Geraldo Rivera.

Equally damaged

The ghost of Neville Chamberlain haunts the British House of Commons.

Occupy was like a children’s crusade compared to the Civil Rights Movement of 1955-65.

Miley Cyrus is no Lana Del Rey.

Because dances moves are property. As if “culture” were the property of a group.

The pre-packaged, lazy criticism of the performance says more about the critics than the performer.


The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrates yet again the limits of religious fanaticism.

White smoke at the Vatican means the bong is clean.

Two cheers for Thanatos.

Why do people assume that cats are poor spellers?

My cat once had a vet who tasted all brands of cat food and made recommendations. His name was Dr. Katz.

Cities in dust

Imagine the responsibility of the last living human on earth. How will she pass on knowledge of Stonehenge to a future that will never be?

We are not free to think free will freely.

Free will: a metaphysical idea, the bondsman of the ineffable.

Moments, not monuments.

David Brooks drowns when he wades two feet deep into social science.

The value of family values is purely instrumental.