Les Déplorables

The cultural ressentiment of Trump supporters over their miserable lives is expressed through xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. Mr Trump has effectively assuaged their anger through symbolic violence — and sometimes physical violence — against latinos, blacks, and women.

Mr Trump attracts the support of white lumpens, the homeschooled, the reality TV-addicted, gun nuts, Confederate traitors, meth lab operators, oxycontin peddlers, and organised racists (Klansmen, Tea Partysans, Birthers Inc., etc.) and misogynists (Alt-Right provocateurs).

In olden days Trump supporters would have feared finding a black in their workplace, their bed, or their family tree. Today, they fear a Mexican mowing their lawn, bussing their table, or cheering El Tri against the USMNT in the Rose Bowl.

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