Nowhere men

Bernie Sanders has explained the lack of success of his class-centric campaign on the fact that “poor people don’t vote.” Mr Sanders assumes poor people would vote for him.

When Mr Sanders complained that closed primaries were anti-democratic and a conspiracy to hurt his campaign, he failed to note that Ms Clinton has so far won 11 of the 18 open primaries.

When Mr Sanders says poor people don’t vote, he fails to account for his resounding losses across the south (the poorest region of the US).

The propensity to make excuses for electoral failure is not particular to Mr Sanders. When politicians are losing and their campaigns are in the final stages of viability, they tend to blame the process, blame the media, blame voters, blame anything and anyone, except themselves. Mr Sanders’ campaign has shifted from Romance (after the NH primary) to Tragedy (after Ohio and Florida), and now to Comedy (after New York).

Based on his campaign rallies, Mr Sanders knows that his core voting constituency is the comfortably well-off post-Occupy set, people more likely to be seen blogging on a MacBook Pro in Starbucks than waiting in long lines for unemployment insurance or WIC relief.

However, based on the results to date, his political revolution won’t be instagrammed after all.


Mssrs Kasich and Cruz have agreed to work together to “Stop Trump.”

Imagine an episode of The Three Stooges in which Larry and Curly team up against Moe.

The Republican Convention will be like a scene from the Kingsman film.

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