I’ve got you memorized

After the nth Republican Debate, this happened live online:

Discussant #1: Gosh what’s the collective noun for squabbling racist bigots?

Discussant #2: republicans


For the base Republican base, “New York values” is understood to mean New York City, liberals, the liberal elite, libertines, homosexuals, blacks, latinos, uppity women, high culture, low culture, foreigners, and success. In other words, everything they hate.

Despite his thousand hours of filibusters, Mr Paul has sunk further into obscurity. Although he lacks the nuttiness of his Gold Bug father, his rigid libertarianism repeatedly failed the reality test.


At least since The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Katheder Marxists have had an ambivalent relationship to lumpenproles like the Bundy bandits.

It may be time to bring back loyalty oaths.

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