Broken convention

The Republican Party is in chaos and it is the Party’s own doing. By selecting Ms Palin as McCain’s VP in 2008, then encouraging and financing Tea Party extremists in 2009/10 (and making common cause with them to win mid-term elections), the Republican Party made a Faustian bargain with the worst collection of political kooks and nuts imaginable. Now the Devils are claiming their due, the right to select the most right-wing candidate as the Republican presidential nominee, one who stands no chance of winning the general election. Republican politicians’ romance of the likes the blackface Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown and bandits like Cliven Bundy has been repaid by the rightward tilt of the Republican electorate towards Trump and Cruz, and away from Jeb!, Christie, and Kasich. Shameless lies about the selling of baby body parts, incessantly repeated by failed CEO Carly Fiorina, resulted in three dead and six wounded in Colorado. Fox News continues to poison the political atmosphere with conspiracy theories and a Chicken Little worldview. Fear- and hate-mongering talking heads quite naturally find their distorted vision of reality reflected in Mr Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims and proposed Hadrian’s Wall along the Mexican border to keep out the southern Picts.

The 2016 GOP Convention could be the equivalent of the Democrats’ disastrous 1968 Convention in Chicago. It is very likely that violence will break out if the GOP Establishment fails to support one of the rhetorical flame-throwers at the head of the race at this point. If nothing else, it will make for great TV and a massive dollop of Schadenfreude for rational people everywhere.

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