Send in the clowns

My running thoughts on the grown up table Republican debate:

Things are going well: each new statement is more extreme than the last one.

Chris Christie just destroyed Rand Paul (re NSA surveillance).

It’s clear  that the Fox News executives are trying to undermine Mr Trump.

Halfway through the debate John Kasich hasn’t said much, which is probably the way to come off as a rational person on that stage.

Reverend Huckabee wants pimps and prostitutes to pay taxes.

Poor Rubio. He looks like a candidate for the kids table.

One of the Fox News moderators announces that social issues will be the next topic. This is the 15th century segment of the debate.

Megyn Kelly asks the candidates whether they’ve received “a word from God.” This is the Republican Party.

Winners: Kasich, Christie, Walker
Losers: Trump, Carson, Huckabee, Cruz
Biggest Losers: Jeb!, Rubio, Paul

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