Ms Clinton transcends normal US politics. She transcends Bill Clinton. She’s a global figure. One either likes or hates her. Because more like her than hate her, she’ll be POTUS 45.

The George Herbert Walker Bush was from the northeastern patrician class. GW Bush made a decisive move towards the downwardly mobile when he took an actual job at which he failed (running oil businesses) and when he took up with evangelical Christianity. Despite his Ivy League education (a standard bearer of the “gentleman’s C”), his propensity to malapropism (“Is our children learning?”) only further endeared him to people whose reading competence peaked at the eighth grade level. Jeb Bush retains some of the patrician qualities of his father. His worse political sin, compared to his brother, is that he appears to be rational, not driven by visions of Rapture and other religious fairy tales. The Republican base wants political red meat; Jeb is offering ugani.

Rand Paul is another case of a libertarian nut not falling far from the tree. The best that can be said of the younger Mr Paul is that, unlike his father, he isn’t a Gold Bug and doesn’t appear to consort with John Birchers.

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