Glory box

No actor has ever made an entrance like Lauren Bacall did in “To Have and Have Not.” RIP Slim.

Hipsters have contributed to:

1. Making beer aesthetically relevant again.
2. Saving the vinyl LP.
3. Perfecting the artisanally-poured latte.
4. Making beards relevant again.
5. Making David Foster Wallace a household name (this isn’t a good thing, though).
6. Upgrading the cultural ambience of neighborhoods.
7. Making classic eyeglass frames relevant again.
8. Making intellectualism cool.
9. Making irony relevant again.
10. Saving good taste.

Maureen Dowd’s 1094th column on the Clintons is unreadable.

Peak hazelnut is real.

In country music, it’s OK to cheat on your woman but not on your truck.

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