The lead Occupy protestors have joined the academic lecture circuit or are Guardian contributors. All have been eclipsed by the shooting star called Piketty.

With the apprehension of the chief Benghazi plotter, the Republicans’ entire campaign argument against Hillary Clinton just went up in smoke. They’ll turn even more anti-American now out of desperation.

Twenty years ago, I interrupted viewing the white Ford Bronco chase to play arcade games at the “dead mall” on the road between Northampton and Amherst (MA).

The prosecution lost the OJ Simpson case through incompetence and the arrogance that is typical of this category of lawyer. First, the prosecution didn’t rebut defense expert testimony that DNA evidence was contaminated. Second, one could see the prosecutors slump in their seats as the lead police investigator took the 5th three times on the witness stand in order to avoid perjury. Third, the gloves debacle was entirely avoidable. There was no need for Mr Simpson to put on the gloves in front of the jury.

Mr Cochran’s lyrical closing argument didn’t have a leg to stand on without prosecutorial mistakes.

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