Benghazi fever

Senator Lindsey Graham says Putin invaded the Ukraine because of Obamacare.

Actually, he blamed the next best thing: Benghazi.

Benghazi is a Republican safe word.

Senator Graham is the shadow Secy of State in the shadow presidency of John McCain.


  1. frankly1900

    The American criticism of Putin would be much more effective if the republicans hasn’t gone to war in Iraq on shaky grounds. Putin feels he can misbehave because of the reckless actions of the bush administration. I hope the republicans spend a long time in the political wilderness. Until they can rid themselves of their big business demons, it is a party which will only damage America.

  2. jonolan

    Putin feels that he can do as he will because of Obama’s overt weakness which can be exemplified by Benghazi. Obama has neither the support of Americans nor the international community and this emboldens our enemies and those, like Putin, who are merely our temporary adversaries.

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